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Product ID: REN51022B
Suzuki SV650 L7 onwards (2016-) Engine Bars in Black
Suzuki SV650 L7 onwards (2016-) Engine Bars in Black


Protect your pride and joy with a set of Renntec engine bars. These stylish and practical accessories are a must-have for any bike owner looking to add a layer of protection to their bike and engine casings. Each one of our engine bars is designed and manufactured in the UK. This ensures that no modifications are required for fitment, and that the user can easily return the bike back to standard specification.

With many naked style bikes, the engine case is exposed leaving it vulnerable to accidental damage. With a durable, high-quality set of engine bars, such damage should be a thing of the past. Furthermore, we have found through customer feedback that they also offer a degree of crash protection to the rider.

Our engine bars are developed using our trusted 3-point mounting system. This ensures they have built in strength and rigidity. The engine bars are constructed from 

• 25mm/1”* tubing with a 2.7mm wall thickness

These engine bars are fully MIG welded and are fabricated in jigs to ensure accuracy and ease of fitment on the motorcycle
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